Welcome to the multimedia page.  Here you are able to see our lines' work first hand and see what they are doing to make what they do efficient and successful.  

S Bravo-Retrofit Fittings

The F-Series Retrofit-S line of fittings are split all-fiberglass retrofit entry fittings for FRP sumps, FRP pipe and conduit. Rated and warranted for complete fuel immersion. Don't break concrete. Don't choose failure-prone materials and mechanical seals. Get bonded. Eliminate water intrusion.== SET YOUR PLAYER TO 720p OR GREATER ==

S Bravo Snap-Lock Cover

The SNAP-LOCK Cover is a submersible cover for B-407 series tank sumps.

Tub 'O Towels by FedPro

Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes and we mean HEAVY DUTY! Tub 'O Towels are the hardest working wipes. 

100% solution soaked

durable fiber weave

oversized and overachieving

bond buster technology

no hard core chemicals

vapor locking canister

offered in many quantities

Husky Quality System

“Husky takes pride in the quality of our products. Quality begins in the design phase where we use tools such as DFEMA to make sure our designs are robust.”

How Husky Nozzles Work

Have you ever wondered how the pump knows to shut itself off when you fill the car with gas? Husky Corporation President Grenville Sutcliffe explains how gasoline fueling nozzles operate. He also explains many of safety features that Husky builds into fueling nozzles.

LSI launches Scottsdale Vertex Canopy Fixture

Brand new offering from LSI- The Scottsdale Vertex Canopy Fixture With 96% light transmission you will enhance the brand of your stores. Easy to install in a retrofit of new build application. Check it out!

CRUK UNV Superkit Luminaire Assembly Instructions

Installing the 2X2 CRUK UNV LED Canopy Light. Housing not included.

Xerxes Installation Video for Petroleum Storage Tanks

The proper installation of a fiberglass storage tank for petroleum applications is critical.

Xerxes Tanks-ZCL Composites Documentary - EARTH with John Holden