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S Bravo-Retrofit Fittings

The F-Series Retrofit-S line of fittings are split all-fiberglass retrofit entry fittings for FRP sumps, FRP pipe, and conduit. Rated and warranted for complete fuel immersion. Don't break concrete. Don't choose failure-prone materials and mechanical seals. Get bonded. Eliminate water intrusion.


EZ Connect - Fast Installation

Husky's EZ-Connect assembly includes everything from the dispenser to the nozzle in one fueling solution. It's pre-assembled and fully tested, and also EZ to install.


LSI Scottsdale Vertex Canopy Fixture

Brand new offering from LSI- The Scottsdale Vertex Canopy Fixture With 96% light transmission you will enhance the brand of your stores. Easy to install in a retrofit of new build application. Check it out!


Blue1 Cube DEF Dispenser

An overview of the commercial Cube DEF dispenser. Available in three sizes: 400g, 660g, or 1320g. The Cube is the best plug-and-play unit for DEF storage and dispensing!


Proteus Basic Systems Operations


Hose Master: QuickClamp

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